Anti-fraud measures

Fraud is a form of deceit. This is why we do everything to prevent fraud at PayPro. Our public and internal measures ensure this.

Highest priority

At a payment service provider safety can never be under discussion. This is why safety and fraud prevention have the highest priority at PayPro. By taking public and internal measures, we ensure that fraud has no choice and all our transactions are safe.

Continuous control

We always check how our system is used. If we notice something suspicious, all access to our payment system is denied as a precaution. Furthermore, PayPro keeps track of fraudulent transactions, users or other cases that are not welcome any more.

Self-learning system

PayPro works with a continuous monitoring system. It reports when something should be looked at manually. This way, we can decide whether something looks like fraud or not. The system is also self-learning and works better and more efficient every time.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use PayPro

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