Change instalments

Do you want to make other agreements with your customers? You can easily adjust instalments at PayPro. Both of subscriptions and products that are paid in instalments.

Other appointments are possible

As a seller, you sometimes make other agreements with customers. In PayPro's payment system, you can easily change instalments. This also makes it possible to make different payment agreements for each customer, even if the first instalment is the same for each customer.

Searchable per sale

In your PayPro account, you can easily search for a subscription or a sale with spread payments. You can also indicate that the repeat instalment differs from the first instalment. Or, for example, that the first 5 instalments differ from the last 5 instalments. Of course, other variants are also possible. However, you must keep track of these yourself.

Directly with the pay button

Setting up a subscription or a sale with spread payments is done during the creating of a pay button. In addition to the price, you must indicate the length of each instalment. In the event of a sale with spread payments, you also state in how many instalments the product is paid in full.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use PayPro

Do you also want a payment service provider that allows you to change the instalments for each customer?