The quality of our payment service is central to PayPro; that is why we like transparent and competitive rates. All prices mentioned below are exclusive of VAT. This way, there will not be any surprises.

Connection charges

For sure, we would be very happy if you become a customer of PayPro. In these exceptional times we are ready for entrepreneurs and therefore we currently do not apply a compliance fee. Click here to sign up for free.

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If you offer a payment method through PayPro, you pay a set amount per transaction. Sometimes, a variable amount is invoiced as well.

  • Payment methods
  • Fixed € 0.29
    Variable 0.0%
  • iDEAL QR
    We charge the regular iDEAL rate of €0.29 plus an add-on fee of €0.20 per QR transaction.
    Fixed € 0.49
    Variable 0.0%
  • Fixed € 0.00
    Variable 2.6%
  • Fixed € 0.00
    Variable 2.6%
  • Fixed -
    Variable -
  • Visa
    Nonrecurring start-up costs of €30, monthly €15 and an annual fee of €34
    Fixed € 0.25
    Variable 2.5%
  • Mastercard
    Nonrecurring costs of €30, monthly €15 and an annual fee of €34
    Fixed € 0.25
    Variable 2.5%
  • AfterPay
    Start-up costs €25
    Fixed € 1.75
    Variable 5.0%
  • Fixed € 0.17
    Variable 1.75%
  • Klarna
    Digital products
    Fixed € 0.35
    Variable 2.0%
  • Klarna
    Physical products
    Fixed € 0.35
    Variable 1.0%
  • SEPA direct debit
    The extra module Spread Payments & Subscriptions of €25 per month is necessary for SEPA direct debit, unless you use our PayPro API.
    Fixed € 0.25
    Variable 0.0%
  • Fixed € 0.35
    Variable 0.0%
  • SEPA Bank transfer
    The extra module Accept bank transfer of €7.50 per month is required for SEPA Bank transfer.
    Fixed € 0.25
    Variable 0.0%


We like to make things easier for you, through our links with online sales systems and Zapier, among other things. At PayPro, the links are always free to use.

Membership plugins

PayPro's membership plugins allow you to easily offer your product in an enclosed environment. We charge one-off and monthly costs per plugin.

Affiliate marketing

These rates apply as soon as you start using PayPro's affiliate marketing network. PayPro's network fee is commission-based or sale-based. This way, you can choose which option is best for you.

  • Representation in Affiliate Campaigns

    € 15 per month
  • Commission-based

    25% of the affiliate budget
  • Sale-based

    8.5% of the sale amount

Extra modules

These extra modules of PayPro that are listed below take work off your hands. For example, you no longer need to deal with your debtors, or send the invoices to your customers yourself. The rates are deducted from your account every month.

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