If your customer chooses to pay with PayPal, you will have to deal with slightly different rules. PayPro is then Merchant of Record (MoR) and you become the supplier that delivers to us.

Please contact us to get an explanation of what PayPal's rate & cost structure looks like.
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Merchant of Record

To provide you with as many convenience as possible, PayPro Merchant of Record is available for all PayPal payments. This actually means that PayPro purchases the product or service from you and that PayPro resells it directly to your customer. PayPro is responsible for processing the payment, ensuring that the product is delivered and for the correct handling of disputes in PayPal and questions about payment & delivery. PayPro may therefore sometimes have slightly different requirements for your website or webshop because it must be clear to the (your) customer that it is actually purchased at PayPro.


As soon as PayPro purchases from you, your role changes to that of supplier. You have the product, manage the stock and also deliver to the customer, but that is through PayPro that purchases the product from you and resells. This principle only applies to payments that are made through PayPal and does not apply to the other payment methods.


PayPro is always on the pursuit of the best service. In order to stay in line with PayPal's policy, PayPro has chosen to act as MoR at the moment that there is a payment via PayPal. This way PayPro can offer you the most payment convenience and service without having to change anything in general payment process.

Advantages of payments via PayPal

International customers pay safely and securely with PayPal. PayPal has more than 250 million users, of which over 2 million are in the Netherlands. This makes it one of the most widely used online payment methods in the world. In some countries, PayPal is even the most widely used online payment method. A successful payment via PayPal is directly in your PayPro balance. PayPal collects the payment from the bank account, credit card or credit balance of the customer. Hardly any data is shared, which gives payments via PayPal a lot of security.

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