PayPro Partner Program

Earning money with the PayPro Partner Program is easy. As a PayPro Partner you will earn high commissions when bringing in new merchants and businesses who want to accept online payments.

How the partner program works

Promote PayPro, onboard new merchants and get rewarded with high commissions. The Partner Program works according to the affiliate marketing model. It works simple: send your name and website to and tell us how you plan to promote PayPro. We will get back to you within 2 working days. After we grant you access, you can use your unique link to promote PayPro as a payment service provider and affiliate marketing network and earn 10% over all customers you bring in. Forever!

  1. Promote PayPro

  2. Onboard new merchants

  3. Use your unique partner link

  4. Get up to 10% commission

Earn 10% commission on all your onboarded merchants!

  • Direct payout commission

    Through our own payment system we can pay your earned commission directly.

  • Get up to 10% commission

    Earn on every module that your new merchant purchases from us. On top of this, you will also earn commission on the transaction costs.

  • Questions and support

    The Partner Program team is always available on working days and will answer all your questions. Check out the frequently asked questions in the guide first!

  • Promotional material

    To help you on your way there are one-pagers to download and templates to find.

Discover the ease of earning passive income by promoting PayPro