Order Bump

Boost your sales with the Order Bump, also known as checkout deal. This special feature places a special offer on your payment page and increases your revenue during the customer's checkout.

Order Bump
€ 0.49 Fee per transaction
0.0% Variable costs
A fixed fee of € 0.49 is debited from the sales amount for the processing of a successful Order Bump.
  • Boost your sales
  • High conversion
  • Easy installation
  • Implement on your payment page

Don't miss out on potential revenue

The Order Bump can present your best selling products during the checkout process and boosts your revenue in the final moment of the customer journey. The customer will see this one-time offer as soon as they open the payment page and add the offer to their existing shopping basket with one simple click.

What does the Order Bump look like?

The Order Bump is placed as an extra box on your checkout page. It shows the promoted product, the special price, and optionally also the original price. The feature is popular for its ability to easily increase the order value of your customers at the last moment. Besides that, the Order Bump is often used to combine well-fitting products to certain orders.

Order Bump on your payment page

PayPro offers the most optimal payment options for all its merchants. Therefore, the Order Bump is available for all payment methods. If you purchase the module 'Payment page' from PayPro, you can add the Order Bump. Then the only thing missing is to enter the few extra information about the promoted product.

Easy installation

The Order Bump is easy to add to the PayPro payment page. Add your Order Bump in payment page settings and sell more!

PayPro Guide

Are you curious how you can set up the Order Bump in your PayPro account? We'll explain it to you in the PayPro Guide.

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