Subscriptions & Payment in instalments

Do you offer subscriptions? Or products that your customers pay for in instalments? With the module Subscriptions & Spread payment, PayPro takes care of your payments through direct debit. Safe and easy.

Subscriptions & Payment in instalments
  • Easily adjustable
  • Also with current subscriptions.
  • Easy debtors process
€ 25 Per month

Adjusting instalments

The instalment amounts can be adjusted per customer in your PayPro account. So, if you made an arrangement it is easy to configure. When paying in instalments, the following instalment can be different from the first one.

Taking over subscriptions

We will take your subscriptions over from you with love. To direct debit a subscription through PayPro, the customer does necessarily need to do the first payment online. We have multiple ways in which you can provide your current subscriptions.


As soon as you use subscriptions and spread payment, it is not really complete without debtor management. PayPro has a simple process in which we remind and demand your customers so that payment is made any way.

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