Acceptance policy

First we do a few checks before your PayPro account is fully active. Do you want to start selling quickly? Here more about our acceptance policy here.

Only products and services

PayPro can only process payments for the sale of products and services. This means that we do not process payments for gifts, donations or crowdfunding. Next to that, we do not accept customers that sell 18+ content, process crypto currency or have anything to do with drug and/or arms trade. Your domain name has to clearly state what you sell.

Documents to be uploaded

First we do some extensive checks to prevent fraud so that your account is configured perfectly. For retailers we have a few documents you can upload in your PayPro account:

  • photo/scan of a valid identity document;
  • signed framework agreement;
  • signed SEPA form.
All information should match the information in the account. Further, the framework agreement and the SEPA form should be signed with a pen, plus all pages should be initialled separately.

Foreign company

Do you have a foreign company and do you want PayPro to process your transactions? That is no problem if you have your corporate seat in Europe. Next to all of the documents mentioned, we also need a certified extract of your Chamber of Commerce. If the extract is not in Dutch, it should be the official English translation.

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